It's part of the job.
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“I just wanted to pass along to you that at our Board meeting last night, the Titan crew working here was complimented by the Board and by the residents for the work they have done so far. The residents said that they appreciate the care Titan is taking while performing the repairs, i.e. they work quietly and efficiently. They are also pleased with the progress that is being made.” – Deborah - Property Manager
"The gentlemen from Titan are here and are taking care of things. They are extremely professional and kind. Please would you pass on my thanks and compliments to their owner/boss?" –H. Gowadia
"Titan Restoration is presently working on repairing the flat roofs noted in their survey. I am pleased to report that the work that Titan has done on the roof has been totally effective in eliminating the leaking issues. Each time they repair an area on the roof, no further issues are reported. They go the extra mile to do the job right...if they find additional problems while in the process of a repair they report it and fix it; they are very mindful of the leaking issues we have incurred over the years and respond accordingly. We had a few roof leaking issues reported to us over the past two months and each time Titan was called for the repairs they responded right away and put temporary patches in place until the final repairs could be completed. The roofing team has been excellent in Phil’s opinion.” –Deb J. - Property Manager
“Usually we send emails to Contractors telling them what they have done incorrectly or punch list items. We just wanted to express that Titan did an excellent job and we found nothing that required correction. We were especially impressed with the repointing work as the color, mortar joint style and finish work (brushing, cleaning etc) resulted in almost an exact match to the existing brick masonry. We are definitely looking forward to having Titan on our bid list in the future." –Roger T. - Professional Engineer