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“I’ve never seen any waterproofing company that even comes close to Titan’s expertise and integrity. Great, great company, from top to bottom.” –John L., Professional Engineer
“Titan continues to be our 'top notch' contractor and the awesome level of service provided is not only appreciated by me but also by the Board. Thanks again for your help.” –Deborah, Property Manager
“I honestly can’t tell the difference between the window sills that were replaced and the ones that were not. [Titan’s] crew was outstanding! They were skilled and professional, kept the site tidy and cleaned up every day. I can’t be more pleased with the job.” –Kelly L., Property Manager
“Usually we send emails to Contractors telling them what they have done incorrectly or punch list items. We just wanted to express that Titan did an excellent job and we found nothing that required correction. We were especially impressed with the repointing work as the color, mortar joint style and finish work (brushing, cleaning etc) resulted in almost an exact match to the existing brick masonry. We are definitely looking forward to having Titan on our bid list in the future." –Roger T., Professional Engineer
“I just wanted to send my sincere thanks to you for the awesome job that was done on the emergency ramp! An incredible improvement! … I’m really pleased with the results!” –Deb J., Property Manager
"The gentlemen from Titan are here and are taking care of things. They are extremely professional and kind. Please would you pass on my thanks and compliments to their owner/boss?" –Huban G., Property Manager
“We’ve had leaks in the vestibule for many years, and have had other companies look at it but no one has been able to fix it … I was about to give up, but I figured if anyone can fix it, Titan can … Carlos and Jose are a joy to work with. They are hard-working, complete pros and followed all of our safety procedures to the “T”, wore hard hats and safety glasses, set up cones, etc. and kept everything on the up and up. There is no harder area to work than the front vestibule, since everyone goes there, and I had nothing but compliments on them. Titan Restoration has my highest possible rating. You are the best (and most honest) water-proofers that I’ve ever seen.” –John L., Professional Engineer
“I know I’ve said it a million times before but please know how much I personally, as well as the Savoy Board, appreciates all that Titan does for us. I will be making a special mention about Titan’s continued incredible level of service at our Board Meeting … this compliment comes on the heels of the roof work that was done on Sunday after the wind storm since we were due to have rain on Tuesday.” –Deb J., Property Manager